We provide maintenance services for all the equipment installed at our sites belonging  to networks of axión or to housed customers.

We carry out work for maintenance of antennas and radiolinks in towers.

We carry out infrastructure maintenance of preventive and corrective type for our site networks and networks of third parties.

We offer electronic services not only for axion equipment deployed on our network, but  also for housed equipment belonging to our customers or even third party networks.

We carry out radio measures in the field for radio station emission certification and measures of quality for the transport and broadcast services we offer.

Axión has instruments of measurement for all types of radio measures (coverage, interference, etc). We also have several mobile units of measure fitted with telescopic masts, sensors, antennas, GPS and automatic bank measures. Our technical staff will move wherever it is required.

For the fulfilment of the security policies axión performs regulatory certifications of radio emissions (RD1066/2001).