fotodeprueba.jpgOur values

Leadership, confidence, flexibility

Axión is a company that began in 1999 with young and dedicated employees, however, what we really want to do is maintain our entrepreneurial and dynamic spirit.

We want to be a company where we attract and grow talent because we believe in our leadership, we want to move forward, anticipate the future and keep learning.

We want to feel the passion of our team that makes continuous efforts without fear. A team with confidence means shared responsibility, self management, decisiveness and mutual recognition while looking for achievements in excellence and growth.

We want to feel the same enthusiasm like in our first projects. We look for creating a personal collaboration with our clients, partners and providers in a way we feel we are creating something real, that inspires us. A common project where we all speak the same language.  An innovative project where we are flexible, always looking to adapt to changes and where our agility and efficiency are distinctive skills.

Last but not least, to achieve something together makes us feel proud. Living these values shows the axión spirit.

Gonzalo Pansard, General Manager.